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Priorities – Friends Poulsbo Cemetery

  • Share the new “Vision” for the Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery with the residents of Poulsbo and the families of those who are interred there;
  • Prepare and present to the City of Poulsbo Public Works Committee by June 2018 a Master Plan for the Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery;
  • Work to implement cemetery improvement recommendations contained in the City of Poulsbo “Report on Cemetery Improvement Focus 2016 and 2017”, and
  • Network with representatives of North Kitsap Cemeteries on community recognition of veterans and resolving maintenance and improvement issues.

Projects – Friends Poulsbo Cemetery

graves stones and flowers

  • Publicize the new vision for the Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery to cemetery deed holders and Poulsbo and North Kitsap residents;
  • Network with representatives North Kitsap cemeteries and communities on recognition of veterans and reviewing cemetery maintenance and improvement needs;
  • Collaborate and support the construction of a cupola and the recognition of past and future community volunteers within the lower section of the city cemetery;
  • Prepare a pamphlet on the history of the Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery and the new vision for the cemetery;
  • Finalize the draft of a Master Plan for Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery by June, 2018;
  • Work with city clerk’s office and Public Works staff in updating cemetery deed holder roster, cemetery log, and cemetery plot purchase form;
  • Recruit community organizations to work with Friends Poulsbo Cemetery on grave identification/section marking and information system initiatives;
  • Draft bylaws for permanent Friends Poulsbo Cemetery organization;
  • Prepare questions needing legal review on maintenance of abandoned graves and transfer of cemetery deeds;
  • Instigate public discussion on the future direction of the lower and upper sections of the cemetery;
  • Collaborate with cemetery, community and veterans’ organizations to implement an annual Veteran activities and events calendar;
  • Work with the Kitsap Genealogical Society to assist the city of Poulsbo in finding the descendants of deceased cemetery deed holders;
  • Promote the sale of memorial benches within the city cemetery;
  • As the city cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery, encourage deed holders and their families to contribute and/or provide an endowment to the city cemetery reserve fund.