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December, 2018

Vision & Master Plan – Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery

The City Council Public Works Committee on October 24 announced it would not place recommendations into the city’s 2019-2020 planning and budget process regarding:

  1. approval of the proposed new vision for the city cemetery or
  2. plans to implement that vision.

The reason being funding and lack of personnel to undertake new projects.

The master plan draft had recognized there were not enough dollars or personnel for the city to accomplish the tasks needed to fully implement a new vision for the cemetery. For that reason the recommendations presented in the draft plan are structured to augment city funds and to foster projects which could be implemented by volunteers and/or non-profit organizations.

Regrettably, a 501 C(3) non-profit association is also not feasible at this time. An updated deed holder roster must be completed before an association representing cemetery deed holders and the community can be organized. The association is key to providing volunteers to raise funds and partner with the City on cemetery needs.

A City Council cemetery work session is tentatively scheduled to take place in late January, 2019. Hopefully consensus will emerge regarding a future vision for the cemetery, the importance of community volunteers to partner with the city, and the level of City participation to implement the vision.

An option we would like the city to discuss would be for the city to lease (or sell) the lower, flat western tier of the cemetery to a funeral home willing to invest in improvements and maintenance of that tier. Guidelines for the use of the new community pergola to be part of any lease or sale agreement as would the City earmarking any income derived from the sale or lease to the City Cemetery Reserve fund.

Discussion has begun to disband the Friends Poulsbo Cemetery and close the FPC website in early 2019. A scrapbook of city 2017 cemetery studies, FPC discussion papers and the proposed Vision and Master Plan will be filed with the Poulsbo Historical Society.

Your questions, comments or suggestions invited.

FPC Discussion Leader: Jeff Bauman – 360-286-5513 –
FPC Coordinator: Harlan Knudson – 360-681-5248 –