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Unlike many other cemeteries, there is no perpetual care fund but the City annually allocates General Fund Tax dollars for ongoing operations and maintenance of the City Cemetery.  The Cemetery Reserve Fund receives money from the occasional sale of burial plots. These funds accumulate very slowly and can be depleted quickly. For this reason, the City Council has historically avoided large expenditures from this fund for improvements.

The existing Poulsbo Municipal Code, Section 2.76.190, Item D requires cemetery lot owners to keep all grave markers or monuments in good repair. The ordinance specifically states that “the city does not maintain, repair, or replace any grave marker or monumental structure erected upon the gravesite.

Maintenance, landscaping, and routine care of the overall cemetery are provided from the Public Works Department budget of the General Fund, which is supported by taxpayers. With the many needs of the city competing for limited tax monies available, funding for maintenance and operation continues to be limited and challenging.

Donated site upgrades and volunteer involvement is the key to cemetery improvements.

The mayor is authorized to administratively accept donations valued less than $5,000. Donations exceeding this amount must be accepted and approved by City Council. Checks for all contributions to the cemetery should be made out to the City of Poulsbo.  Checks will be deposited into the city cemetery reserve fund.  Recommendations for earmarking funds for specific repairs and improvements in the cemetery may be included on the donation form, however the City Council decides how funds are allocated from the Cemetery Reserves Fund.

Please include the city Donation Agreement Form (PDF) with your donation.

Mail your check, payable to the “City of Poulsbo” and the Donation Agreement Form to:

City of Poulsbo,
200 NE Moe Street
Poulsbo, WA 98370

You may also visit the Poulsbo City Website