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July 11, 2018

Memo To: Public Works Committee, Poulsbo City Council, Council Members David Musgrove, Chair, Connie Lord & Gary Nystul

From: Jeff Bauman, Discussion Leader, Friends Poulsbo Cemetery

Subject: Proposed Cemetery Master Plan

The proposed Master Plan for the Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery would not have been written without the 2016-17 actions by the City of Poulsbo Mayor and City Council. These actions were:

  • Adopting as one of the City Council Working Goals for 2017-2018 the goal to: “Restore and Refurbish the Poulsbo Community (Municipal) Cemetery.”
  • Creating a one-year ad hoc Cemetery Committee comprised of Council Members, Department Heads, Public Works staff, and community volunteers.
  • Preparation of the ad hoc Cemetery Committee’s comprehensive report dated August 23, 2017. Contained within the report is a review of cemetery improvements accomplished by the Department of Public Works and community volunteers; maintenance and improvement goals that need to be accomplished in future years; and the need for a community volunteer organization to implement and fund the accomplishment of those goals.

The Friends Poulsbo Cemetery is a discussion group comprised of cemetery deed holders, representatives of Home Owner Associations neighboring the Cemetery, community volunteers, and civic & veteran organizations concerned about the future of the Cemetery. The Discussion Group’s vision for the Cemetery, efforts to implement that vision, and copies of the discussion papers utilized to draft the Master Plan are on the group’s website.

We hereby transmit the Draft Cemetery Master Plan. We urge the Public Works Committee to:

  • Review, amend as needed, and endorse the proposed vision for the Poulsbo Cemetery.
  • Refer the proposed vision for the Cemetery to the full City Council for formal adoption in 2018.
  • Review, amend as needed, and incorporate by reference the Master Plan as part of the Public Works Committee’s recommendation during the 2019-2020 budget development and planning process.

We heartily thank you for your interest, and (hopefully) your support.

Cemetery Master Plan (Draft 7-10-2018) (PDF)