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A Brief History of the Poulsbo Cemetery (Courtesy Poulsbo Historical Society)

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For the first 25 years of its existence, the only cemetery for those living near Poulsbo was Fordefjord Lutheran’s cemetery established in 1886, today known as the First Lutheran Church Cemetery. The next closest cemetery  was at Port Gamble, but it was a Company cemetery and not available for non-company burials. The Evergreen Cemetery at Breidablik began in 1904 and Vinland Lutheran’s Cemetery open in 1915. Some residents opted to go to Seattle for burials but that was a two-hour each way trip on the steamer. Mt. View cemetery on Mt. View Road was established in the Pearson area, but lack of roads for easy travel made it inconvenient for town residents.

At its incorporation in 1908, Poulsbo’s population hovered around 400 inside the city limits, which did not include the area west of the bay.  People began to worry about the size of the church cemetery on the hill.   Mayor Peter Iverson found a tract of land on the north end of town, but that deal fell through. Next he found this plot of 10 acres on Lincoln Hill, and recommended the city purchase it for $525.00.

The city council concurred, and went to work setting up a cemetery fund and issuing $105 warrants to purchase the property. Monies from the sale of plots, was deposited in the account to pay for expenses of the cemetery. In September 1911 the council confirmed the purchase of the cemetery property. By February 1912 the plat for the cemetery was completed.

The first burial took place the next month. Elizabeth Rindal [57:D:2] was the first, and is definitely the oldest stone. She lived near Miller Bay and died in March of 1912. Her tall pillar stands at the top of the main drive up the hill. Caroline Williams [43:A:1] died in June and Iver Langland [43:D:3] drowned in the Willapa River in October. Those were the burials of the first year. A section of the cemetery, the upper NE corner, was reserved for Ebenezer Old Folks Home and the Martha and Mary Children’s Home.