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THE FRIENDS OF POULSBO CEMETERY is a discussion group. Papers on the proposed Poulsbo Cemetery Master Plan and issues and needs of North Kitsap cemeteries are circulated via email for review and comment. The goal is for representatives of cemeteries to find consensus on what is best for North Kitsap communities and the cemeteries located in those communities.

Cemetery Discussion Papers – Your comments and suggestions invited.

#1 – Cemetery Master Plan, Vision Cemetery Statement & Historical Overview

#2 – Cemetery/Community/Veteran Issues, Needs & Projects

#3 – Cemetery Existing Conditions

#4 – Cemetery Frameworks for Sustainable Funding

#5 – Cemetery Visitor Activities and Services

#6 – Cemetery Capital Improvements

#7 – Maintenance Plans

#8 – Cemetery Rules, Regulations, Operations & Administration

Email comments and suggestions to discussion Leader Jeff Bauman at: jeff.bauman47@gmail.com