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Model of proposed pavillionThe Poulsbo Cemetery should be a respectful site which serves not only as a final resting place, but also as an open air historical space celebrating Poulsbo heritage. Successful accomplishment of the mission will provide the community with:

  • A haven for reflection and remembrance;
  • A welcoming park-like setting with a community pavilion;
  • A tangible link between Poulsbo past, present, and future;
  • An educational site where all generations may learn more about families and people who helped shape Poulsbo;
  • A peaceful, timeless, contemplative respite from the rigors of daily living;
  • A place to commemorate the lives and service of members of the Poulsbo community;
  • Opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage in activities honoring veterans, volunteers,this site and the people interred here;
  • An organization structure and funding mechanism to accomplish the mission and vision, and
  • A broader public awareness of this community asset.


The mission of the Friends Poulsbo Cemetery is to prepare and present to the City of Poulsbo Public Works Committee in June a Master Plan for the Poulsbo Municipal Cemetery while continuing to implement cemetery improvement recommendations contained in the city “Report on Cemetery Improvement Focus 2016 and 2017”.